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A tailored and responsive IT system is at the heart of every legal office.
With added need for security and regulatory compliance, a legal IT system is a specialist area of IT that requires in-depth understanding. Reliable IT services are essential to the success of any law firm, and at One Tech UK we’re experienced at delivering managed IT services for law firms that can be relied on.

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At One Tech UK we understand the unique IT requirements of legal firms. Drawing on our wealth of experience with the sector we offer a range of Solicitors Regulator Authority (SRA) compliant services that increase efficiency while fully protecting data. Security is key to law firms, and our hosted desktop and telephony services combine flexibility with high levels of data protection.

Our managed IT services offer the benefits of hosted desktop and hosted telephony, with the specific needs of legal firms in mind. These offer a range of key advantages to companies in the sector, giving them the competitive edge over their rivals.

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One Tech UK understand the critical factors that legal firms need in an IT service.


In a rapidly changing competitive environment, flexibility is key to legal sector IT solutions. Our hosted desktop and telephony solutions makes flexible, adaptive working a reality through remote access to files, applications, emails, documents and eliminates the need for handsets and other expensive hardware.


Our managed IT services for law firms dramatically reduce the risk of costly downtime. Our cloud-based hosted desktop and telephony services minimise the chances of service disruption, strengthening confidence and increasing productivity.

Security & SRA Compliance

We ensure all our solutions comply with the Data Protection Act 1988, GDPR and you retain all rights. Our managed IT services reduce your risk of a serious security breach, and ensure you are always protected against developing threats.

Integrating Case Management Systems

Case Management Systems are a key component of every legal practice IT system. We have considerable experience of all the major applications such as Osprey, Proclaim, Redbrick, Leap and many more.

With our understanding of how legal firms work and make use of IT, we ensure that these systems are integrated into our hosted services.


Below are some examples of what our valued clients from the legal sector have said about our services
and how we have helped them.

“After the transition was complete, all we had to do was login and go – a seamless service.”
Rob Bhol
NBB law

Fast expert support

As well being a headache, IT system downtime costs money. If a printer goes offline, or a desktop decides it doesn’t like your usual log-in details, you need a quick solution. At One Tech UK, we ensure that our clients are never left in digital limbo. With our comprehensive, efficient, and dependable IT support you need never worry about system failure again.

We remotely troubleshoot and remedy any issues with servers, desktops, and devices. We can provide one-off consultations and support for special projects, which might demand a more specialised approach.

To help make switching between providers straightforward, we offer a full switching and migration service to ensure the whole process is painless and well-managed.

FAQs about hosted desktops for solicitors

The legal sector is undergoing a period of rapid change and increased competition. It’s never been more important to reduce costs, improve cashflow and become more efficient. An increasing number of legal firms are discovering a great way to do just that is by using hosted desktops. These can make managing the vast quantities of information and documentation easier. They ensure regulatory compliance, are resilient, secure and help to maintain business continuity.

Here are some FAQs about hosted desktops to help you get an understanding about the advantages they can give to legal firms.

When you use a hosted desktop service for your firm, all the programs and files that you need are held on servers at a secure data centre. You’re then able to access these via the internet from your desktop.

Data centre security is paramount. They are run to incredibly high standards of security, and are constantly monitoring threats, addressing any potential vulnerabilities and strengthening their security protocols. Keeping data secure is their key focus. As a result, they’re able to offer much more secure data storage than an average company has the resources to provide.

A reliable and reasonably fast broadband connection is essential. You should try to ensure you have at least 4MB per second. You can easily find out your current broadband speed online via services such as Broadband Test operated by Which.

Hosted desktop can run any kind of software that your company needs, including Microsoft Office, case management software, document management applications, financial software and practice management software.

Hosted desktops deliver a range of benefits for legal firms as they seek to respond to growing business challenges. They deliver a degree of flexibility while reducing the overall cost of provision. They can lead to greater efficiency, while giving firms added resilience against costly and inconvenient down-time.

Hosted desktops bring together all your data and processes, making it easier to both access and manage. This can, in turn, lead to more informed and joined up decision making.

Everything you and your employees need to get their job done in a timely and efficient manner is at their fingertips, whenever they need it and across their devices. This can support more flexible and adaptive working practices while leading to increased productivity.

Rather than having to continually add or upgrade software, and with no expensive hardware to purchase, a hosted desktop service reduces your overall IT investment costs while providing a more efficient, secure and flexible service.

It’s easy to add new software, set up new accounts for new staff, order more storage space and add applications with hosted desktop services. In fact, this can usually be done in a matter of minutes. This means that when your business grows your IT can easily grow with it without the need for costly new hardware and software.

Ensuring adequate maintenance of your company’s IT system can be expensive and time-consuming. With hosted desktops, maintenance is carried out remotely by your provider. You rely less on internal IT support staff, and any essential software fixes and security updates are carried out automatically.

You will experience very little to no downtime for your hosted desktop services. Your service is continually maintained, monitored and upgraded remotely giving you the confidence to get on with your core business without IT worries.

Hosted desktop services allow your legal firm to access industry leading tools that may have otherwise been out of reach. It also ensures you’re continually upgraded and have access to any helpful developments.

Hosted desktop services for solicitors and legal firms from One Tech UK

At One Tech UK, we work with ambitious legal firms to streamline their working practices, simplify their IT management and improve their customer service. Our hosted desktop services deliver measurable benefits for our clients.

To find out more about how hosted desktop services can help to improve your business contact the experienced, friendly and professional team at One Tech UK today.

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