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The global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions placed on our daily lives have made remote working a necessity for many companies. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Hitachi, Apple and Amazon were quick to roll out mandatory remote working for their employees. More and more businesses are now moving towards remote working and are exploring the most cost and time effective way to make the change.

What you will need to enable remote working

To make remote working a successful experience for everyone you will need to ensure that all staff have the necessary tools to carry out their job with the minimum of upheaval.

These include;

  • Access to shared data and folders that staff use every day.
  • Access to any applications they may need such as Outlook / Word / CMS
  • A softphone/mobile app that brings the office telephone system to staff working remotely. This will allow you to answer and make calls at home on the same numbers you use in the office.

Keeping things simple 

Onetechuk offer hosted desktop and telephony services that meet all the above requirements without the need for more complex solutions such as a virtual private network (VPN). 

Rather than taking weeks to get your staff working remotely with Onetechuk you can have a functioning, reliable remote working system in place within a couple of days.


What does our service include? 

  • A comprehensive telephony service – staff can answer and make calls as they would in the office on the same numbers via their home PC or mobile App. This includes services like hold/transfer/call recording and enables users to see the current status and availability of other members of staff working remotely.
  • Hosted desktop – Your staff can securely access all the software they need to carry out their jobs on the PC and mobile devices, share their work, and save it securely.


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