Top 5 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Use Hosted Desktops

Hosted desktops have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

At present, it is believed that up to 85% of organisations worldwide take advantage of hosted desktops to store sensitive data.

What Are Hosted Desktops?

Simply put, hosted desktops are desktops hosted in the cloud. This means that all data saved to a hosted desktop is retained in a personal cloud that can only be accessed by individuals provided with login details. 

Our Top 5 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Use Hosted Desktops

At OneTechUK, we understand that a lack of knowledge surrounding hosted desktops may leave you somewhat apprehensive.

With this in mind, we are sharing our top 5 reasons why law firms should use hosted desktops with you.

  1. Hosted Desktops Offer Maximum Data Protection

    Law firms across the world are required to store vast amounts of highly confidential and personal data. Although many law firms continue to employ traditional filing systems, this regrettably puts data at risk of being stolen.

    However, when taking advantage of hosted desktops, data is offered maximum protection. This is because individuals that need to access any data stored in hosted desktops will be required to enter their secure login details before doing so.

  2. Hosted Desktops Offer Unified Storage Solutions

    In addition to offering maximum data protection, hosted desktops offer unified data storage solutions.

    When data is stored via a hosted desktop, law firms can rest assured knowing that any data or documents are all in one place making them easy to access at any time.

  3. Hosted Desktops Can Be Accessed From Just About Anywhere

    Another great reason law firms should use hosted desktops is that information stored via hosted desktops can be accessed from anywhere. All that is required is an internet connection.

    This means that you and your team can work from the office, from a client’s location or the comfort of their own home and still have access to those all-important legal documents. With the prevalence of working from home since the pandemic this is now more important than ever.

  4. Hosted Desktops Reduce IT Expenditure

    Although IT expenditure may be the least of your concerns when it comes to ensuring that your data is safely stored, many law firms welcome the idea that hosted desktops reduce the amount of money they spend on IT each year.

    Instead of paying to install separate software for each computer in your office, hosted desktops only require one payment and one installation. Much easier on the budget.

  5. Hosted Desktops Abolish IT Issues

    As a law firm, you probably have little time and insufficient technical know-how to deal with any IT issues you may encounter.

    When you take advantage of the benefits afforded by hosted desktops, you will essentially bypass any potential IT issues as your hosted desktop will be fully managed by your provider.

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